Cats and the Other Lives is out on consoles!

We’re thrilled to announce that Cultic Games and OverGamez has released an intelligent, atmospheric pixel-art masterpiece – “Cats and The Other Lives” – now available on PlayStation 4/5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series X/S!

Descend into the enigmatic world of the Mason household as Aspen, their not-so-ordinary house cat. Experience the gripping narrative that unfolds within the walls of the sprawling Mason Manor, expertly realized in sumptuous 2D pixel art and buoyed by modern cinematic lighting. A unique blend of puzzle-solving and interactive fiction, this is a game that offers an immersive dive into the lives of a family coming to terms with their past, all through the eyes of their pet cat.

Battle your curiosity as you prowl around nooks and crannies of the manor, tracking scents and creating mischief, precisely emulating the distinctive and lovable behaviors of house cats worldwide. Unravel the intricate story spanning decades while witnessing the dynamics between the surviving members of the Mason family and the spirits of days gone by.

The inherent charm of Aspen makes for a refreshing protagonist. Aspen is neither a talking cat nor a supernatural entity but quite simply the beloved cat of the Mason household. Experience the joy of being a cat, a loyal companion, an observer of human trials and tribulations, and finally become a lever of change in their world.

“Cats and The Other Lives” invites you on a poignant, atmospheric journey bound to touch your heart. Indulge your love for narrative-driven games and real-world cat behaviors in this charming pixel-art puzzle adventure.

Get your paws on “Cats and The Other Lives” now and uncover the mysteries that lie curled up in the world of the Masons! Produced by OverGamez and developed by Cultic Games, this is an indie game experience you won’t want to miss.

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